About Us – Corporate Profile

Despite difficult trading conditions the core Group produced a good stable performance demonstrating the strength of our activities. The Group is now benefitting substantially from fully integrating past acquisitions and realising the forecasted synergy savings. These newly acquired customers are now able to benefit from the wider portfolio of services the Group can offer. We have reviewed our pricing strategy to ensure a consistently lower attrition rate year on year.

The Group has continued to develop its fixed suppression systems activity through a number of international projects.

The Group has continued to support and develop its traditional business roots in servicing fire extinguishers, hose reels and fire alarms and growing our new activities through our multi-service strategy offering. This was achieved through a series of training and employee development programmes. The business will continue to develop new sales channels that will enable the Group to take advantage of favourable market conditions and opportunities as they arise. The Group continues its evolution from being solely an extinguisher supplier to the customers' safety partner. At the same time the Group will continue to concentrate on its cost base to maintain profitability during the difficult economic environment.